Core Roots Customer Testimonials

I experience anxiety and have difficulty sleeping. I decided to try CBD to help me relax. I found myself sleeping longer, which helped me stay focused and calm during the day. Thanks, Core Roots!
Adam C.
Since starting my 14 year old rat terrier on Core Roots Pet CBD spray, he has had more energy and can jump up on furniture again. He had an aggressive tumor in his head which required radiation treatment and instead of giving him rimadyl and gabapentin I decided to try CBD to help in fear the medications would destroy his liver. I’m so glad I tried the Pet CBD oil spray and am so ecstatic with the results! I also give it to my anxious chihuahua and it helps her.  I highly recommend giving this product a try – my dogs love it.
Felicia Z.
I highly recommend the tincture and the topical cream, received tremendous results, including pain relief. I’m looking forward to purchasing additional products. The fact that they are NJ based is wonderful!
Carla B.
Last week I was dreading going to work with the weather forecast of a heat wave, humidity and rain. Surprise, I actually put in 34 hours of overtime easy enough! I took the tincture and put cream on my knee daily, along with wearing a knee support. I felt great, almost did a quarter mile lap around the parking lot during break, it was too hot though. I haven’t felt this good in ages. Thanks to CBD tincture and cream my knee did not swell and I no longer limped but had a pep in my step!
Leona G.
I have found many uses for Core Roots CBD over the past year. i have used it to treat anxiety at home or while transporting dogs/puppies via airlines. The most recent use was after one of my dogs had a litter and she was getting very stressed out when away from her puppies or when strangers were in the house. i decided to try Core Roots CBD to settle her down. it did the trick and didn’t have any noticeable effect on the puppies. CBD oil has a wonderful calming effect on my dogs with out the use of medications. it has been a real life saver in many different situations and a natural approach is always the best for me and my dogs.
Fayme Frenchies
With the Core Roots CBD capsules, I went from not making it a full day to functioning until 7 p.m. or 8 p.m. I’m feeling like a human again. My days used to end much earlier in excruciating pain. I noticed that I’m using my cane a little less and I don’t need pain patches on my knees like I used to. I can now get a full night’s rest. I now see a light at the end of the tunnel. These little gems have been the miracle I’ve been looking for. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Veronica T.
I’ve been using oil for about a month and it’s helping me sleep better. I’m also giving some to my 16 1/2 year old dog who has an enlarged heart and some tumors. She has no pain and is very calm since using CBD. Very playful again for whatever time she has left. So happy to have discovered such a good product!
Ilene S.
I too was not a believer. However, after using for a few days, I began to feel better all around. My back pain is virtually gone and overall feel 90% better. I spoke with my doctor about my experiences and she agreed that CBD can be helpful to people. I recommend this product strongly.
Gene S.
Your oil has been a godsend! It’s helping me sleep. It’s so nice to get off the medication and turn to a natural remedy. It helps with so many ailments it is now part of my daily routine. Thank you for a great product!
LuAnn B.
Have you tried CBD gummies from @corerootsforlife? They reformulated them and now the come in strawberry and orange flavors. And idk how they did it, but there’s no weird CBD aftertaste! I highly recommend giving them a try.

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