Six Takeaways From Our Interview With Garden State Hemp

Here at the Core Roots HQ in New Jersey, we’re always looking for opportunities to educate the community on how CBD can become a regular part of their routine. A great example is our recent partnership with Millburn, N.J.’s Garden State Hemp, a leading New Jersey CBD and hemp boutique that stocks our products.

Our founder Cory Slovik sat down with Garden State Hemp CEO Carl Burwell for a CBD chat to answer your most common questions. Here are six key takeaways from that conversation, which you can watch on YouTube below!

Takeaway #1: When it comes to CBD, keeping it simple is best

When you look at CBD product packaging, you might see a bunch of unfamiliar ingredients alongside CBD. That’s why Cory said during the CBD Chat that Core Roots always keeps things simple. “We try to be as minimal with additives” as possible, Cory told Carl. That means just coconut oil and full spectrum hemp extract in our capsules. It also means no added sugars in our CBD gummies, which are completely vegan

Takeaway #2: CBD is for man and his best friend 

During the CBD chat, Cory discussed how CBD can help both people and pets, since all mammals have an endocannabinoid system. Both humans and their pets can experience the effects of CBD on arthritic joints or soreness, albeit in different ways.

From the human side of things, Cory told the story of a painter who uses Core Roots’ pain gel to help ease the discomfort associated with hand cramps after a full day of work. On the animal side of things, pet owners often share with him how CBD can literally put the spring back in an older pup’s step. Additionally, Core Roots pet products are made with animals in mind:
pet owners can spray CBD right onto their pets’ favorite toys or treats instead of giving them new CBD treats they might not love.

Takeaway #3: Our bodies already make cannabinoids

Cory had a lot to say during the CBD Chat, but he didn’t do all the talking. When he asked Carl what New Jersey’s CBD consumers ask about Garden State Hemp, Carl said that people remain shocked that our bodies already produce compounds similar to CBD, called endocannabinoids, and CBD is just one of the many plant-based phytocannabinoids that boost this supply.

Carl went deep on the science behind CBD’s safety and effectiveness too. “Your body’s endocannabinoid system has CB1 and CB2 receptors all throughout your body, and [CBD] works just with your central and peripheral nervous systems, the same way your endorphins work with opioids,” Carl deftly explained. 

We know about two endocannabinoids far – anandamide and 2-AG – with more being studied by researchers. CBD is just a plant-based source of similar compounds. “Anandamide from the Sanskrit word, ananda, which means joy or bliss,” Carl explained. No wonder CBD is so sought after by so many! 

Takeaway #4: CBD works differently for everyone

No two people use CBD the same way, and that’s not a bad thing. “The beauty of the endocannabinoid system,” Carl said, is that “somebody’s side effect is someone else’s goal.” But how can CBD work so differently depending on who takes it? Carl explained that too.

“The biggest thing I have always stressed to people…about your body’s endocannabinoid system,” Carl said, is that it can “tell itself what it needs to do. You might take 50 milligrams of CBD when your body’s in the state of injury and unbalance… You’re going to take 50 milligrams of CBD and it might not help with your stress and anxiety at all, because your body’s endocannabinoid system is saying you need all 50 milligrams to the knee.”

Carl’s explanation had us wondering: Where does CBD go in a balanced body? “When your body’s in a state of balance, that same 50 milligrams of CBD might start taking down the stress and anxiety that you’re feeling at the moment because there’s nothing else” for it to do, Carl said. 

Takeaway #5: Be patient when starting with CBD

When discussing CBD’s versatility, Carl stressed patience. “I always tell people [to] take your amount… [then] wait half [an] hour, 45 minutes. See how you feel,” he said. “Your body will tell you, ‘Ah, I wish it felt a little bit better,’ so then take another 10 or 15 [milligrams]. Slow and then grow. Everyone’s going to be different.”

In response, Cory shared some of his favorite, consistent Core Roots customer feedback. “The most beneficial testimony I get is that after someone’s using it for a month and they look back… It’s not the immediate effects that they’re feeling, but it’s the effects that they’re not feeling.” As Cory explained, some people return to work and life with reduced difficulty after a month or so using Core Roots, and though the cannabinoid cannot and should not be seen as a cure for any problems, it clearly helps customers live with the effects that made daily activities unbearable.

Takeaway #6: CBD is only the start for cannabis

“We have like 160 other cannabinoids that we haven’t even talked about” in industrial hemp and other varieties of cannabis sativa, Carl said – and that’s not all. “If you want to tell me we don’t have the scientific data on cannabinoids,” Carl said, “we do have the scientific data on terpenes,” which have been associated with relaxation, pain relief and other effects.

Cory noted that this point is especially important to Core Roots. “It goes hand in hand with the full-spectrum product,” Cory said. “A full-spectrum product…[is] going to have all the cannabinoids that are in the plant. But more importantly, it’s also going to have the [terpenes] that are associated with that plant as well.” And medical experts know this too: Cory noted that doctors have begun discussing an “entourage effect” of stronger health benefits from CBD products with both cannabinoids and terpenes.

How CBD products can work for you

As Carl and Cory made clear, with CBD, one person’s trash is another person’s treasure. They also said that it’s well worth your while to patiently adjust to the initial learning curve of CBD use. 

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Thanks again to Garden State Hemp for chatting with us! Visit their Instagram page to learn more about their products, and take some time to stop into the shop, right across from the Millburn Deli!

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