How to buy CBD wholesale — the easy way

The demand for Cannabidiol (CBD) products certainly isn’t going anywhere, and these products are commanding shelf space in a diverse body of retailers, from health food stores, to spas, to smoke shops, to stores simply dedicated to these three letters. However, a major challenge remains: finding a wholesale CBD partner that not only provides high-quality product that customers want, but makes it easy for you to keep up with demand.

If you want to carry CBD products in your retail environment (both online and brick and mortar), you need a wholesale partner that isn’t going to disrupt your current business processes. In the new CBD market, where regulations are everchanging and consumer education remains critical, you need a supplier who can not only keep up with demand and makes it easy to do so, but who supports your efforts by providing the information and education needed to make a sale.

If you want to wholesale CBD in NJ and beyond, the right way, Core Roots CBD offers a wholesale program that takes the hassle out of procuring inventory and guarantees a quality product every time.

The challenges associated with conventional wholesaling

If you’ve ever worked with wholesalers before, you know there are some common challenges associated with managing the relationship. Every supplier is different and, while some are better than others, it can sometimes be difficult to keep your shelves full on top of all the other responsibilities you have managing your retail operation. Common challenges that retailers and ecommerce business encounter when working with wholesale partners include:

  • Coordinating with salespeople: Some sales professionals can be overly pushy, while others are unresponsive. Pushy sales pros can be annoying and challenging to work with, while unresponsive sales professionals can delay the delivery of your product and ultimately cause you to miss out on sales. 
  • Product minimums: You know your demand better than anyone, so when wholesale partners require product minimums that well exceed that demand it makes carrying their products difficult. You might see an opportunity to make some sales and grow more interest in the product, but if a minimum is too high for your budget, there is little you can do to work with that partner. 
  • Inventory quality: Regardless of the brand on the product, the quality of the product reflects on your company. Your customers expect the inventory in your store to be high quality and legitimate. In the CBD industry, there are many brands that cut corners or carry disreputable products. Working with one of these companies can spell disaster for your own brand when your customers buy a product that doesn’t deliver on its promise.

How Core Roots CBD simplifies the wholesaling process

We understand how difficult it can be to chase people down when the time comes to meet your customers’ expectations for fully-stocked shelves. That’s why Core Roots For Life built its CBD wholesale program with ease of use in mind. Our wholly online wholesale reordering system means that you can reorder at your convenience, at any time of day or night.

Here’s what that means for you, our customers:

  • Reorder with ease: Shop with us like you would shop on any website. Just enter your special, unique wholesaler code at checkout to obtain the wholesale price. That’s it!
  • No minimums: Whether you need to order just a handful of product or a few dozen items, we will fulfill that wholesale order!
  • Delivered at your convenience: There’s no need to stop by a warehouse or meet up with someone for pickup. Your wholesale order ships out soon after and is delivered right to your door.
  • Major credit cards accepted: Pay your way! Core Roots For Life accepts all major credit and debit cards, including MasterCard, Visa, American Express, and Discover.

How to apply for an online wholesale account with Core Roots

How does it work, exactly? In a few easy steps, you can apply to be a Core Roots CBD retailer. Here’s how.

  1. Visit the Core Roots For Life website to learn more about buying wholesale CBD.
  2. Fill out the application with your name, address, contact information and type of business.
  3. Upload a copy of your resale certificate. This certificate is what gives retailers authorization to buy goods tax-free when they have the intention to resell them. Core Roots requires this documentation, which is a must for reselling goods in most states.
  4. Once approved, you will receive a special coupon code which grants you wholesale pricing in the Core Roots CBD ecommerce store.

After the application process is completed and you are approved as a Core Roots CBD retailer, all you do is place your order and enter your unique coupon code. That’s it! There is no hassle of dealing with sales professionals or middle-men. Forget the back and forth. When you need your products, simply order them through the ecommerce store and they will be shipped to you in short order.

Whether you operate in the Garden State and want to procure wholesale CBD in NJ from a local company or you’re in the farthest-flung corners of the U.S., Core Roots CBD remains committed to giving you the easiest, best possible wholesale experience every time.

Buy wholesale CBD in NJ — and beyond!

Don’t grapple with convoluted or frustrating wholesale products. You have a business to run and enough to worry about. For a truly seamless wholesale experience, Core Roots For Life is your ideal partner.

In an age where CBD is a household term and quality products hold the key to competitive advantage today and tomorrow, don’t risk your brand reputation. Core Roots CBD doesn’t just make it simple to get the inventory you need; we hold ourselves to the industry’s highest standards and beyond. Our organic formulations are manufactured in a GMP-compliant facility registered with the FDA. Third-party lab testing results for our products are publicly available, so you can tell your customers exactly what is in every product they purchase. They can even scan a QR code on the bottle right there in your store to review the test results for themselves. We also provide educational pamphlets about CBD that you can distribute to your customers.

Differentiate yourself as a retailer or e-commerce business that offers excellent CBD products. Purchase wholesale CBD products at great prices in just the amounts you need. Partner with Core Roots CBD today!

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We pride ourselves on quality, high standards, and ethical transparency, and our goal is to make certain that every one of our products reflects the care and attention to detail we expect of ourselves.

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